Every week, Principals Australia Institute delivers workshops, webinars and other events to support the professional learning and leadership development of Australia’s school leaders, teachers and school staff. 

Read on to find out what principals and educators are saying about Principals Australia Institute’s professional development events.
PAI’s Teacher Wellbeing Workshop

On behalf of Sydney Girls, thank you for an engaging and informative workshop. Your workshop was enjoyed by many attendees and was a valued component of a successful professional learning day for our staff. We welcome ideas for providing our staff with strategies to support their own wellbeing in order to maximise their professional development.

Catherine Evans
Head Teacher Wellbeing
Sydney Girls High School, NSW

PAI’s Principal Wellbeing Workshop

I am delighted to say the workshop was very relevant for me, as a Director of an Early Childhood Education and Care Facility. I believe that many directors and nominated supervisors would benefit from this wellbeing session. Any reminders or ideas to alleviate the stress is most welcome, given our enormous workload. Thank you for a great workshop which was very well presented and facilitated.

Jillian Hill
Beacon Street Children’s Centre, VIC

PAI’s Wellbeing on-site professional learning

As head of a three-campus school that caters for kids leaving mainstream settings, I see every day the results of educational programs that ignore or pay lip service to student welfare and wellbeing - not to mention the stress overload increasingly forcing teachers to abandon their chosen profession. It's a massive challenge for schools, but one that my team and I now feel ready to take on, after our wellbeing professional learning workshop with Principals Australia Institute. Craig Reid ran a fantastic day for the staff at our school, which I would recommend to other teams.

Jamie Robertson
Head of School
ECG College, Victoria