Professional learning

Whether you’re an early-career teacher, an aspiring leader or an experienced teacher or principal, Principals Australia Institute (PAI) can help you strengthen your skills.

PAI offers a wide variety of professional development resources, workshops and events.
We deliver professional learning that builds the capacity of leaders and school staff for improving teaching practices and student outcomes. PAI works with schools across Australia.
We also offer professional learning to support leaders to build wellbeing, foster relationships and meet workplace needs.
PAI's suite of professional learning programs include:
Graduate and Grow, a half-day workshop for principals and school leaders on supporting and mentoring early-career teachers
Leading Change, a one-day workshop for principals and school leaders on change management
Media Training for School Leaders, a one-day workshop to about sharing good news stories and preparing for crisis communications
Family-School Engagement, a breakfast event for principals and school leaders about building positive relationships with families and the school community
Teacher Wellbeing, a one-day workshop to foster wellbeing and resilience in teachers
Principal Wellbeing, a one-day workshop addressing current health and wellbeing issues for educational leaders
Youth Mental Health First Aid, a two-day workshop for teachers and school leaders to assist students with mental health difficulties.
Search for the latest professional learning events hosted by PAI around Australia in our Event Calendar.
PAI also offers consulting services and on-site professional learning in schools.


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