Principal Wellbeing

Principal Wellbeing Workshops: great leaders focus on their own wellbeing
Principals Australia Institute (PAI) invites school principals to take time to reflect and participate in this one-day workshop, addressing current health and wellbeing issues for principals.
Recent research has found that 1 in 3 principals report being bullied, 2 in 5 report threats of violence, burnout rates are at sitting 1 in 5, and stress is 7 times higher for principals than for the average population.
PAI, as a professional services organisation that supports principals and school leaders across Australia, has identified principal wellbeing as a major concern requiring immediate attention, and developed the Principal Wellbeing Workshop to address this.
Why focus on principal wellbeing?
The role of a principal is a rewarding, yet challenging, leadership career. The magnitude of responsibilities can weigh heavily on a school leader, including:
•    staffing issues
•    student wellbeing and discipline
•    budgeting and resource allocation
•    teaching evaluation
•    legal responsibilities
•    change management
•    community engagement
•    public relations.
It’s an immense workload for an individual, and many principals are reporting that they feel stretched to the limit.
PAI understands the importance of principal health and wellbeing, and the impact this has on the everyday running of a school and the interactions between staff, students and the school community.
What will the Principal Wellbeing Workshop involve? 
The Principal Wellbeing Workshop provides a quality, evidence-based approach to achieving a resilient mindset and developing problem-solving strategies particularly targeted at principal health and wellbeing.  
By taking time to reflect, this workshop will ask leaders to consider:
•    how they can better manage their own wellbeing,
•    how they can develop their resilience and adaptability in stressful situations, and
•    how they can support the health and wellbeing of their team. 
Presented by a facilitator with experience and expertise in school leadership, the Principal Wellbeing Workshop will help achieve positive outcomes for principals and their schools.

Find out more
Download the brochure here. To find a Principal Wellbeing Workshop near you, please visit our Events Calendar. For more information, you can contact PAI on 08 8394 2100, or email us.