Media Training Workshop for School Leaders

Media Training Workshop: Great leaders communicate with confidence

Principals Australia Institute (PAI) invites school principals to participate in this half-day workshop, designed to help school leaders share their good news stories and prepare for crisis communications. 

For most organisations, a productive relationship with the media has many positive benefits. Schools are no different. Being interviewed by television, radio or print media is an opportunity to shine a positive light on your school, even if the subject matter is negative. 

Journalists are always looking for interesting and engaging stories that they can communicate. When you are responsive and make yourself available for commentary in the media, you are positioning yourself and your school in a powerful way. 

PAI’s Media Training will help you develop the skills to get your message across confidently, succinctly, and with impact.

What will the Media Training Workshop for School Leaders involve?
PAI is proud to partner with two exceptional media experts to deliver this training to school leaders. Grant Law and Terry Plane will prepare you to make the most of any interview experience, ensuring you deliver your message succinctly, credibly and confidently.   
The workshop will include:
  • An overview of media in Australia, and the elements of newsworthiness and how it relates to schools  
  • The process behind the interview 
  • Interview techniques such as Flagging, Bridging, Answer Plus One and Framing.  
  • How to develop and refine key messaging
  • Interview skills practice. Each participant will be interviewed on camera and under lights to assess and develop interview skills.  
Find out more
Download the brochure here. To find a Media Training Workshop for School Leaders near you, please visit our Events Calendar. For more information, you can contact PAI on 08 8394 2100, or email us.