Collective Efficacy

Working as a Team

PAI has developed a professional development workshop which allows participants the opportunity to explore how the collective efficacy of a team of teachers or within an entire school, supports student engagement and academic success.

The success of a student should not be a lottery of which teacher's class they are in or the postcode they come from. No longer can we afford to close our classroom doors, believing we can only control what happens within its walls. As an integral part of a school team, we all have a part to play in ensuring every student enrolled at our school will succeed and it is up to all of us to make that happen.

By looking at the benefits of having a collective approach to student success, schools can develop a sense of collective agency, a purposeful, intended course of action to ensure every student within their school experiences success.

The day's workshop is ideal for school leaders, curriculum and faculty leaders. The Collective Efficacy workshop is an excellent follow up after teachers have attended PAI's Effective Educator professional development PD session.


Why attend?
  • Student outcomes are enhanced when everyone in the school believes they have a role to play ensuring every student achieves.
  • A strong collective efficacy, supports individual teacher efficacy.
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) focussed on student learning can bring about stronger collective agency.

Expected Outcomes

It is anticipated that upon completion of the Collective Efficacy workshop, participants will:

  • Understand collective efficacy and agency.
  • The impact collective efficacy has on: individual teacher efficacy and student outcomes and engagement.
  • The effectiveness of PLCs when combined with efficacy.
  • How to gauge the efficacy within your school.

Find out more
Download the brochure here. For more information about our Collective Efficacy workshop, contact PAI on 08 8394 2100 or visit our Events Calendar.