Principals Australia Institute (PAI) works in partnership with principals, schools and communities to address the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and families.

Having staff that work directly with schools in urban, regional and remote areas enables PAI to achieve positive educational and social outcomes for all.

Read more about the PAI Reconciliation Action Plan which was published in September 2014.
Principals Australia Institute - progress with Action for Reconciliation
  • The Action for Reconciliation Group members meet quarterly to evaluate targets through departmental plans
  • Acknowledgement of Country ceremonies are held at all Institute Board Meetings, external events, internal groups and committees
  • An organisational Cultural Proficiency Plan has been developed
  • A range of professional learning is offered to all staff
  • An internal report on current Aboriginal Education activity and business plan has been developed
  • Investigations to register PAI's plan with Reconciliation Australia have been carried out
Tracking our progress:
  • PAI's Action for Reconciliation has been endorsed by the PAI Board