Leading Change

Time to refocus?
Principals Australia Institute invites school principals to take time to refocus, and participate in Leading Change, a one-day workshop on change management in schools.  
We know that leadership work is complex and constantly changing.
We also know that leaders appreciate opportunities to join with colleagues and take time to consider new perspectives and gather renewed energy. 
In recognition of the complexities of leaders’ work we have developed the Leading Change Workshop, particularly for experienced school leaders and school leadership teams.
Why refocus on change management?
The role of a school principal is one of the most challenging and yet rewarding careers. Being an effective principal involves balancing the responsibilities of managing the school, leading and evaluating performance of teachers, student discipline, building and maintaining positive relations with parents and the school community, evaluating and reviewing policies and procedures - and developing, implementing and leading change.  
Leading Change, presented by a facilitator with experience and expertise in school leadership, will prepare and guide you for the many facets of change management within your school.
Leading Change asks leaders to consider:
  • What are the keys to successful change in your school community?
  • What evidence informs the need for change and inspires vision and direction?
  • How do leaders create learning cultures for innovation and change?
  • Can there be too much change?
  • What mindsets, models, and tools support new perspectives for leading change?
What is Leading Change based upon?
The Leading Change Workshop is based on the notion of ‘Simplexity’, which includes taking a complex phenomenon, identifying the smallest number of key components (this is the simple part), and making them gel in practice - the complex part (Fullan, 2015).
To support professional learning coherence and connections with other aspects of leaders’ work, Leading Change is aligned with the Australian Professional Standard for Principals, developed by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). The Standard identities five Professional Practices including leading improvement, innovation and change. The Professional Practices continuum is a key point of reference for this program.
What is the format of Leading Change?
The Leading Change Workshop will include presentation of key ideas, and exploration of models and tools to support fresh ways and practical ideas for working with others.
Points of exploration in Leading Change:
  • Change is a process, not an event.
  • Change is hard, memories are long, and people resist.
  • Change requires people to learn new things – new ideas, new attitudes, and new behaviours.
  • What do leaders do to inspire and engage others in dynamic change processes?
Find out more
Download the brochure here. For more information about our Leading Change Workshop, contact PAI on 08 8394 2100 or visit our Events Calendar