Leadership Coaching

Great leaders coach their teams to achieve 
You’re an educational leader – but are you an effective coach? 
PAI invites principals and school leaders to participate in Leadership Coaching, a professional learning opportunity to develop coaching skills.
We are proud to have partnered with Coach Studio, South Australian-grown and based with a global reach. Coach Studio provides the following:
• Leadership and executive coaching
• ‘Leader as Coach’ programs
• Group coaching and facilitation
• Creating a coaching culture
Why Leadership Coaching?
Coaching can have a real impact in shaping a culture of challenge and support to enable effective student learning outcomes, yet many leaders find coaching conversations to be difficult, too time consuming, or don’t feel confident enough to use the coaching approach and too often avoid them altogether or defer to the limitations of the ‘telling’ approaches.  
Coaching is the art of empowering people to improve their effectiveness, in a way in which they feel helped.  Empowering people means bring out the best in them without telling, directing or doing it for them.  
Educational leaders are at the heart of any high performing education system.  Actively using a ‘Leader as Coach’ approach enables principals to have their personal and profession vision realised, while building strong and innovative school communities.
The benefits of Leadership Coaching for principals
The ‘Education Leader as Coach’ program has been designed with busy educational leaders and principals in mind.  This intensive one-day program provides the essential skills with a practical focus, to develop confidence in applying coaching skills in everyday education situations. Professional leadership coaches/facilitators create a learning environment for leaders which allows them to be their best, whilst learning powerful communication and collaboration tools using only real-work scenarios.
This is your opportunity to learn from professional leadership coaches who have a broad business and corporate background. 
Coaching skills are developed through:
• Pre-reading and pre-work
• Understanding the heart of coaching and coaching practices
• Co-learning and skills development in a highly practical and interactive learning environment
• Working with your leadership vision and real-life scenarios
• Reflective practice
• Taking action.
What does Leadership Coaching involve?
There are two elements to the Leadership Coaching program.
Primer pre-workshop: 30-45 minutes
1. A coach competency self-assessment along with a preview of selected core key coaching concepts:
• What is the difference between coaching, mentoring, performance management and leading? 
• Why and when to use a coaching approach effectively
• Ensuring coaching is on solution vs problem solving
2. Identifying your real-time leadership challenges and issues to work with
One-day workshop
This workshop is content rich in critical coaching skills, founded on ICF (International Coach Federation) core competencies: 
• Coaching clearly defined and modelled
• Aligning purpose and accountability
• Exploring proven coaching models and skills for different situations
• Time to coach – there’s no substitute for experiential learning using real work scenarios
• Essential core coaching skills 
• Self-management in the coaching conversation
• Coachable moments – how to identify and coach in the moment to deal with performance issues and situations before they escalate.
• Coaching circles and support for back in your workplace.
The benefits of Leadership Coaching for your team and school 
Organisational outcomes can be better achieved through having coaching conversations. Benefits include:
• Creating a performance-focussed environment where talents and capabilities are grown and developed
• Focussing on possibilities and solutions, not problems
• Inspiring team members achieve their best
• Improving workplace relationships
• Achieving higher levels of staff engagement
• Developing leaders’ confidence to deal with challenging issues and difficult conversations
• Skilling-up managers/supervisors who are able to motivate, collaborate and coach to get the best out of their teams
• Becoming performance-focussed and developing a feedback-rich culture
• Delivering better results with less effort
• Motivating your workforce to focus on achieving the school’s goals
About our coaches
Coach Studio’s Head Coaches are Inta Sellick & Megan Fraser.
• Both professional certified coaches with the International Coach Federation.
• They are leaders in their own right, working in corporate educational settings and holding senior roles in large corporate organisations. Both Inta and Megan have worked globally in the space of coaching and leadership development, and bring this to the experience of ‘Education Leader as Coach’.
• They lead from the front and hold active roles in the professional industry coaching body International Coach Federation (ICF).  Megan Fraser, ACC is current ICF SA President. Inta Sellick, PCC is Past President, works with ICFA Professional Standards Committee and has been nominated for Director of the ICF Australasia Board.
• Both are passionate about working with people who are leading in the world beyond themselves.
• They bring a wealth of experience and diversity of background to their role as coaches, facilitators and leaders.
• Both are committed to their own continuing coach education and development, so they can provide clients with thought leadership, global perspective and latest research and methodologies.
Find out more
Download the brochure here. For more information or to register for Leadership Coaching, please contact Principals Australia Institute on 08 8394 2100, or email us. Visit our Events Calendar to find a workshop near you.