Health and wellbeing

Principals Australia Institute (PAI) delivers five significant programs to support health and wellbeing in schools across Australia:
  1. KidsMatter Primary
  2. MindMatters
  3. Principal Wellbeing
  4. Teacher Wellbeing
  5. Youth Mental Health First Aid for Teachers and School Leaders
In primary schools, our Professional Services Coordinators deliver KidsMatter to support leaders and staff to foster and strengthen the mental health, social and emotional wellbeing of children. To help schools advance to their next KidsMatter Primary Component, PAI has scheduled webinars and face-to-face events for 2017. Check the KidsMatter Primary calendar for an upcoming event near you. 
We also deliver MindMatters to assist school leadership teams and staff to build capacity for promoting and protecting the mental health, resilience and wellbeing of secondary students. Support Forums are now on offer to help schools in implementing MindMatters. Please visit the MindMatters event calendar to register.
Our Teacher Wellbeing Workshops equip teachers and school staff to develop a resilient mindset and problem-solving strategies in and out of the classroom, and our Principal Wellbeing Workshops address current health and wellbeing issues for school leaders. We also offer Youth Mental Health First Aid Workshops for Teachers and School Leaders to enable schools to provide support to students experiencing mental health crises. This evidence-based training course is authored by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Australia and delivered by our accredited MHFA instructors. Browse our event calendar to register for workshops near you.