Family-School Engagement

Great leaders build positive relationships with their community


Principals Australia Institute (PAI) acknowledges that being an effective school leader involves engaging and working with families and the school community. PAI also recognises that educators and families have worries and fears that can get in the way of working well together. Family-School Engagement is a new breakfast workshop, offered by PAI, which provides school leaders with the opportunity to network with peers, share ideas, and learn about best practice in this important area of school management.


This workshop highlights practical strategies to address some of the difficulties that arise  in creating strong family-school engagement programs, including:
- Strategies to use with school teams, parents and community groups
- Resources and ideas from recent publications and case studies
- Tools to help build relationships between educators and parents
- Links to references that support fresh approaches to engaging with parents and families.

Alignment to the Australian Professional Standard for Principals

To support professional learning coherence and connections with other aspects of the school leader’s work, PAI’s Family-School Engagement Workshop is aligned with the Australian Professional Standard for Principals. These standards have been developed by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), and provide important reference points for professional learning programs.

School TV

PAI is proud to be working with SchoolTV to help schools engage with families.
SchoolTV is a world-first wellbeing platform designed to transform the way information is communicated to parents through schools. 

Schools also face a growing need to keep parents and teachers informed with clear, fact-based information around the pressures of online threats and an array of other mental and physical issues.

Australia’s leading experts and researchers in youth wellbeing are key to SchoolTV, making it a unique digital wellbeing resource, (with key insights provided by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg).

Find out more
Download the brochure here. For more information about Family-School Engagement, please contact Principals Australia Institute on 08 8394 2100, or email us. Visit our Events Calendar to find a workshops near you.

Download our 'Tips for Principals' - for Family-School Engagement.