Effective Educator

The classroom teacher plays a pivotal role in a student’s academic achievement and engagement and what the teacher does and says has a significant impact on a student’s resilience and sense of efficacy.

As facilitators of learning, teachers need to find successful ways to support each student’s learning and take responsibility for creating an inclusive and supportive environment, that recognises the individual strengths and needs of all students. Strong, productive relationships with students, families and colleagues support teachers in providing this conducive environment.

Understanding the role of social and emotional learning and empathy built into the curriculum as pivotal to supporting student engagement and resilience is also explored.

The Effective Educator workshop provides the opportunity for participants to reflect on their own teaching strategies and interactions with others to evaluate their own effectiveness as educators.
Participants will explore the mindset of an effective educator, and how this supports student engagement and wellbeing. PAI is committed to the provision of learning opportunities that inspire and inform Principals, school leaders and teachers.


Expected outcomes
It is anticipated that upon completion of the Effective Educator workshop, participants will: 
  • Understand how their mindset impacts on their teaching strategies when working with students of different abilities and levels of engagement
  • Understand how their mindset impacts on student achievement and engagement
  • Understand the importance of fostering strong relationships with colleagues, students and families
  • The opportunity for participants to reflect on their current practices and strategies to maximise student engagement, academic success and wellbeing
This is a great opportunity for teachers and school leaders to reflect on their practice and grow their personal efficacy as educators.

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